Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Economic Crisis?

Well here it is, the world has a crisis, an economic one. People are losing their jobs, the rich management who made poor decisions are taking a breather and requesting public money to kickstart the economy and........ WAIT, WHAT? The business leaders who brought about this mess in the first place by abusing public funds to line their pockets, the same leaders who push the citizenry into becoming consumers and production machines, the same leaders who now face the consequences of their corruption..... THEY WANT WHAT?

Isn't that how we got into trouble in the first place? Bad decisions, no preparation for the future, reacting to situations instead of THINKING and preventing unusual situations. What do we get from this economic downturn? A knee-jerk reaction where all the nations immediately agree on a solution (proving that with the proper political will, the governments of the world can make an important decision..... of course this decision bailed out the rich from troubles more than the majority of us who are now suffering job losses).

The economy has shown its hiccup and demonstrated that our current direction is a bad one.... How do we respond? We slow down this metaphorical car but maintain the same direction despite the last bump where we damaged our car. The bureaucracy stays the same, the corruption is found and covered up (to be replaced by a yet more sophisticated corruption scheme that we will uncover in 20 years and act as shocked when it is discovered as we are "shocked" today), the business leaders or industrialists are not replaced or brought to trial..... So nothing has really changed.

If an employee or a bureaucrat had done that much damage to his company or to his bureaucratic system, we all know how that would end: a lost job and prison time. Yet when the leaders of our society do this (and I really don't mean politicians), they keep their money, they keep their assets..... AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, they request public funds to bail them out..... So much for the trillions of dollars of profits done by these leaders (guess that money is gone). So the poor who followed the direction of the rich, now have to pay for obeying their master's direction.

Should society be run on charisma? knowledge? wisdom? riches? Well at the moment, it is run by riches irrelevant how you got the money, you now have the law firm to defend your acquisitions. With riches, you sponsor the charisma you need to transmit the message you want. You hire the knowledge you want and you pay for "wisdom" from sophists. Anyone tells you something you don't want to hear, you have the money to ignore that unpleasant sound....

Plato's Republic mentions that the metaphorical city would be in ruins if it was run by the industrialist who seeks after riches..... Here we live in a society that is run by the motivation of acquiring riches and we have a hiccup to make us pause and reconsider our future..... How do we respond? Seems like we will continue to fund the confirmed rich to continue stealing from us and make decisions that are senseless for society but very profitable for the few rich.

Maybe I should become a sophist.... I'd have more money and flatter my rich customer with trivialities....

So to conclude, what economic crisis? We aint changing anything..... more of the same attitude, produce and consume, ignore anything unrelated to those two activities and let the rich leaders continue in their role of our coaches as we continue to produce and consume.... If we work hard enough, we may finally get that carrot dangling in front of our faces, just beyond our reach.... just a bit more effort now!