Friday, October 16, 2009

Jean Sarkozy Wants a Fair Chance to Serve

So who is this Jean? Well he is 23 years old and he is in his second year of university. He has not graduated yet but he has the chance of being the leader of a governmental agency which handles several billions of Euros for its yearly budget. Now do I believe that this guy has the capabilities to run this large governmental agency when he is only 23 years of age without a university degree? Well Jean is asking us to just give him that chance and he will prove it to us that he can do it. Is it possible? Sure it is, after all, Alexander of Macedonia (known as the Great) conquered a fine chunk of the world before the Roman Empire became a reality, and Alexander was a young adult at the time of his conquests.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Bobby Fischer, Tiger Woods, Blaise Pascal and John Stuart Mill were all famous for doing great work at a young age. So it is not unusual to believe that the capability is possible for someone who is 23 years of age or that the university degree is not necessary to prove capability. Would this Jean Sarkozy have the capability? Who knows, I would not dismiss this possibility. Jean may have the brains and wisdom for this position. What surprises me is the cavalier attitude that Jean and his father, the President of France, when people would dare to accuse that this job position would be acquired through nepotism. Nepotism is when you get a position based upon the family you are a part of instead of having earned it through skill and capability.

Nicolas, the father who also happens to be the current President of France, says that what is important in France is not the family you are born into but rather the hard work and the studies which prove your worth. Well ironically, Jean, the son, has not worked long enough, nor does he actually have the studies to prove that he is capable for this position. Jean himself said that he would prove that he could do it if we just give him the chance. Looks like dad's defence of his son contradicts what the son pleads for. On the one hand, dad says that hard work and studies is what proves one's worth and on the other hand, the son says that if given the chance, the proof will appear.

Now I believe that Jean probably has the capabilities to lead.... until I see his cavalier attitude and his misunderstanding of what nepotism is or is not (this includes dad, but my goal here is not to find reasons to discredit an existing job holder in public service.... I still maintain the flaw is within the system, not the individuals who live by the flawed systemic rules). Jean makes the plea to give him a chance. Nice plea, but why should he be given a chance when there are many out there who could also do the job just as well as him but will never be recognized as intelligent enough or capable enough because they have not been given their initial chance to do something better.

Many names were mentioned above demonstrating brilliance at a young age, here is one to remind France of its own history: Napoleon. Now Napoleon was a Corsican and before the Revolution in France, no one would have ever given him his chance to become anything in any position of power..... Corsicans were not seen as capable?! The revolution gave the luck to this Napoleon to demonstrate that he had capabilities beyond most of his peers and he revolutionized many strategic concepts. One of my previous blog pointed out that there are some "Einsteins" out there who are not recognized for their worth by those who are supposed to be in charge of our egalitarian society and supposedly promote merit... well how many out there could do this job but will never be given the chance that Jean Sarkozy has had because of his dad's family? I would suggest the same plea, give me the chance, give this blog's author the same access and chance as Jean Sarkozy has had and I could also run this governmental agency as well or even better.

Jean Sarkozy claiming that he has the capabilities and sneering at those who suggest nepotism demonstrates a lack of thinking of how the world actually works and this alone discredits his claim that he can do the job. Of course this same criteria would also have 93.7% of the world leaders fired from their jobs and have them replaced with bona fide thinkers. (side note, anyone who challenges my statistics should think more and judge less)

So Jean Sarkozy wants a fair chance to serve? May he give up his money for 3 years (minimum) and live in France (his home country) as an immigrant with no ID and have no contact with anyone he knows as if he entered France alone and introduce himself under an assumed name. He would become the pauper like in the story of the Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. This would allow Jean Sarkozy to acquire wisdom of the injustices out there in the country he loves dearly. When he realizes that there are many out there who work hard and get no reward, he will be a better leader if and when he chooses to pursue that noble path in a later part of his life.

Nothing makes me roll my eyes in frustration more than when I see the rich spend a couple of days or a few weeks doing labor in front of the cameras of the world to demonstrate that they work hard like the others in the "workplace" and yet they will always be able to come back to their rooms that are as big as most people's houses when it is all over. No, for this to work, one must have the same low wage as most of us get and have the same living conditions and the same social circles.... how could Jean Sarkozy learn what true hard work is if after working at a construction site he comes back to an appartment that has a sound system worth the same as a typical construction worker's yearly salary? With the maid and the chef serving his whims?

So if Jean really wants to serve, he can start with developping his wisdom and time to think about issues.... if he does that he will be more deserving than most for every position of leadership on the planet.... irrelevant of his age or educational background. Perhaps he will hire me as an advisor on that day.